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2 brothers jailed for life after raping their 10-year-old niece and getting her pregnant

By Alexis Bell 3:17 AM November 6, 2017
The suspects (center)

A court in India has ordered 2 men to serves to rest of their lives in prison for raping their niece.

The men do not have the possibility of parole and they were ordered to stay in prison “until they die.”

Judge Poonam R. Joshi also ordered the men to each pay their niece $4,646. The two were brothers of the victim’s mother.

The 10-year-old girl made headlines when her family asked a court to allow her to have an abortion.

A court in Chandigarh denied her request because she was already 30 weeks pregnant at that time.

In India, the law does not allow one to have an abortion after 20 weeks unless the mother’s life is in danger.

Doctors testified that the child was not in immediate danger. The girl gave birth to a healthy baby via Cesarean section.

After the birth, a DNA test confirmed that one of her uncles was the father.

The child had disclosed to her family that her 2 uncles, who are brothers, came to their home and raped her almost daily whenever her mother and sister were not around.

The wife and three children of the older uncle did not come to court to any of the hearings. He told people in court: “I miss my children today. I wish I could meet them.”

The wife of the younger uncle, who also has an 11-year-old son, was in court.

She said that her husband is the breadwinner and that she does not know how she and her son will survive if he is jailed.

When her husband was sentenced to life in prison, the woman asked a lawyer to remind him not to forget to take his diabetes medication.

The suspect replied: “why should I take the medicine for, I will die in jail, my life is over.”