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21-foot-long pet python crushed owner to death while being fed at his home

By Emily Lewis 12:06 PM November 30, 2017
Snake (illustration)

A man who caught a snake in the wild and brought it home to keep as a pet was crushed to death while feeding the reptile, according to police in Thailand.

Kong Krailat District said that they were called to a home in Sukhothai on a report of a large snake crushing a man.

Police officers who arrived at the scene confirmed the man’s death.

The man died as a result of suffocation.

According to the police investigation, 55-year-old Sawan Tabklai caught a 21-foot-long snake in the forest and brought home to keep as a pet.

On Tuesday, at around 6:00 a.m., Tabklai fed the snake when it bit his hand.

The snake then wrapped around his body and neck and choked him to death.

The victim’s sister, 63-year-old Sawaeng Tabklai, heard her brother scream and tried to help.

She called neighbors who pulled the snake off of Sawan’s body but it was too late.

The snake was released back into the wild.