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22-year-old woman fatally stabs 62-year-old husband after she found a condom in his pocket

By Mason White 6:48 AM November 20, 2017
Nittaya Saengdeuan

A man was killed by his much younger wife after she accused him of cheating.

22-year-old Nittaya Saengdeuan from Udon Thani, Thailand, has been charged with murder after she admitted to stabbing her husband, 62-year-old Amnuay Wensila, to death.

According to police, Saengdeuan told police that she became jealous when she found a condom in the pocket of her husband’s pants, which caused her to believe that he was having an affair.

Saengdeuan said that she confronted her husband about his cheating and that the two got into an argument over the issue.

Saengdeuan stabbed her husband Wensila several times. He ran to the garage and she chased him.

She continued to stab him until he died. She then put his body into a septic tank behind the garage of their home.

Saengdeuan initially denied any participation in her husband’s death, but under intense interrogation, she broke down and admitted to what she had done. She led police to the body and reenacted the crime for detectives.

Saengdeuan now faces charges of murder with intent and concealing a corpse.