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23-year-old woman nearly dies in front of her 4 children after biting into moldy burger at McDonald’s

By Mason White 11:15 AM November 23, 2017
Burger and fries (illustration)

A young woman in the United Kingdom nearly died of an allergic reaction after being served a moldy burger at a popular fast-food restaurant.

23-year-old Shanie Granfield of Rushden went to the McDonald’s near her home one afternoon this week.

She took along her four young children and ordered a South African burger.

When she got her order, Granfield sat down at a table and began eating.

After a few bites, Granfield felt that her lips were swelling up.

Her face started itching and she began having difficulty breathing.

Granfield knew that she was having an allergic reaction to the mold as she is allergic to penicillin.

The manager of the restaurant did not have an epi-pen so Granfield swallowed 6 antihistamine pills and called an ambulance.

Granfield’s four young sons just stood by in shock at what was happening to their mother in front of their eyes.

Paramedics who arrived at the scene checked the mother’s heart and allowed her to go home.

Granfield called McDonald’s to file a complaint.

A week later, she received an apology with about $65 in coupons.

A spokesperson for McDonald’s said that the restaurant has replaced all burger buns with the same expiration date as the one served with the moldy burger.

Granfield and her children said that they certainly did not have “a happy meal.”