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30-year-old woman arrested after claiming 14-year-old boy is her baby’s father

By Emily Lewis 6:44 AM November 16, 2017
Tracie Casler

A woman was arrested after admitting that she had sex with a young teen after a party.

The Florida woman faces charges of sexually abusing a minor after she claimed that a 14-year-old got her pregnant.

30-year-old Tracie Casler of Milton met the Escambia High School student at a Halloween party in 2016.

The boy told the police that Casler invited him to her home after the event and that she had initiated sex.

The boy said that he was “messed up” at the time and the two had sex. He added that it was the only time he had sex with
Casler, who is 15 years older than him.

Casler said that she became pregnant during that encounter and she gave birth nine months later.

The Florida Department of Children and Families had a DNA test done and handed the results over to the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office.

Those results have not been released to the public.

Casler was arrested and charged with one count of second-degree felony, and lewd and lascivious battery with a victim aged 12 to 16.

She was booked into the Santa Rosa County Jail and bail was set at $30,000.