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34-year-old man snaps teenager’s neck and gouges her eyes out because she turned down marriage proposal

By William Martin 7:08 AM November 9, 2017
Tara Serino and Christopher Ryan Tucker

A man was arrested for brutally killing his teenage friend after she turned down his marriage proposal.

A father in Pennsylvania called the police and asked them to carry out a welfare check after his daughter failed to come home.

19-year-old Tara Serino had told her father that she was going to visit her friend, 34-year-old Christopher Ryan Tucker of Berks County, but he was unable to reach her.

When police went to the home, no one answered the door.

Police later received a call from police in Illinois, saying that Tucker told an officer that he killed Serino and that her body was at his home.

Officer arrived at the home, where they found the teenager’s mutilated body.

According to the police report, Tucker said that he asked the teenager to marry him but she refused.

Tucker claimed that Serino told him she was seeing another man and she made a comment saying that he should “kill her.”

Tucker said that this caused him to “snap.”

In anger, he choked the teen, snapped her neck, beat her with a hatchet and a weight plate, and gouged her eyes out.

He then wrapped her body in a rug and fled to Champaign County, Illinois, where he was arrested.

He is now in the process of being extradited to his hometown, where he faces charges of murder and criminal homicide.