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4 migrants die after smuggler fleeing from police drove off cliff

By Tanya Clark 7:02 AM November 30, 2017
Crashed car (illustration)

A routine traffic stop turned deadly when a smuggler refused to stop for police and drove off a cliff.

The incident occurred in Thessaloniki, Greece.

Police said that 4 people were killed during a police chase when a smuggler’s car carrying eight immigrants, including two men in the trunk, rolled down a 90-foot cliff.

Authorities said the 4 people were confirmed to be deceased.

One of the migrants in the trunk died while four other migrants and the driver of the car were injured in the accident near the city of Kavala.

The director of the Kavala hospital said that one man was in intensive care with multiple bone fractures while the others were in relatively good condition.

Police said the accident occurred when the driver ignored police orders to stop on a highway. He drove off the highway and into a side street, where he lost control of the vehicle and it rolled down the cliff.

The names and nationalities of the deceased were not yet released.

Police said that they have arrested the 35-year-old driver who is from Pakistan. He faces multiple charges of involuntary manslaughter and human trafficking.