48-year-old woman performed sex act on 28-year-old stranger sitting next to her on plane

By William Martin 4:41 PM November 2, 2017
Airplane (illustration)

A couple crossed paths for a short time while on a connecting flight to different locations.

However, their meeting made headlines after they were busted for getting hot and heavy and committing indecent acts on the plane.

The strangers met for the first time when they were seated next to each other on a Delta Airlines flight.

Police were waiting for the pair when they arrived at the airport in Detroit, Michigan.

They were cited and the FBI will file charges over the crime that took place in the air.

Police said that the female passenger, who is 48-year-old, was caught performing the sex act on a 28-year-old man
in their seats on the flight from Los Angeles to Detroit.

Police said that the woman was on her way to Nashville, Tennessee, while the man was flying to Miami, Florida.