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5-year-old boy suspended from school after telling teacher his backpack was going to explode

By William Martin 11:18 AM November 26, 2017
Child wearing backpack (illustration)

The parents of a young boy in California slammed school officials for suspending their child for claiming that he had a bomb in his backpack.

Michelle Riley and Ian Riley said that their son, 5-year-old Jackson Riley, received a one-day suspension after being accused of making terroristic threats towards school officials.

Jackson attends the Great Valley Academy in Modesto.

One morning, his teacher told him to remove his backpack.

Jackson refused.

The boy said that there was a bomb in his backpack and it would explode.

The kindergarten teacher looked into the backpack but that there was no bomb inside.

The boy was immediately suspended.

Jackson’s parents want the suspension removed from the boy’s record because he did not mean to hurt anyone.

They claim that he was just using his imagination to save everyone at school.