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53-year-old father caught having sex with his 35-year-old daughter

By Tanya Clark 1:01 PM November 12, 2017
Jolly Standifer and Nichole Murphy

Neighbors of a couple who had a child together were shocked to learn that they are really a father and daughter, according to police in Indiana.

The LaPorte County Sheriff’s Office said that they have arrested 53-year-old Jolly Standifer and his 35-year-old daughter, Nichole Murphy after being accused of having sex with each other and having a child together.

Both suspects were charged with incest.

If convicted, they face up to 8 years in prison.

They were booked into the LaPorte County Jail, pending a bail hearing.

The two suspects face additional charges of possession and selling drugs.

According to the police investigation, the couple’s neighbors complained that there was a bad smell coming out from their home.

Police secured a search warrant and raided the home, where they found a half a pound of marijuana and equipment, which indicated that they were running a grow operation.

Police took the couple into custody and they learned that there were a father and daughter.

The couple’s daughter was handed over to Child Protective Services.

Neighbors told police that they were shocked to learn Standifer and Murphy are father and daughter as they lived as an ordinary married couple.