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85-year-old woman in coma after being raped by 29-year-old man she allowed to sleep at her home for the night

By Mason White 7:27 AM November 7, 2017
Kehinde Ariyo

Police in Nigeria were called to a hospital after doctors determined that an elderly woman was viciously raped.

Police learned that the woman suffered serious injuries when she was raped by 29-year-old Kehinde Ariyo.

The woman lost consciousness during the ordeal and was taken to a hospital where she is being treated.

Osun State Police arrested Ariyo on charges of raping and assaulting the 85-year-old woman.

He denied causing the woman to fall into a coma and claimed that he only had “2 rounds” with her.

According to State’s Commissioner of Police Fimihan Adeoye, the suspect lived in the same area as the victim and had run errands for her several times in the past.

Ariyo told police that on the night in question, he came home drunk from a party and he needed a place to sleep.

He said he asked the elderly woman to allow him to stay at her house until the morning and she agreed.

The elderly woman told him to sleep on a sofa in the hallway.
Ariyo remembered going to the elderly woman’s bedroom and telling her that he had to tell her something.

He claimed that he does not remember exactly what happened next, but he knows that he had two rounds of sex with her.