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86-year-old wife punches husband in the face because he had a girlfriend and left underpants in bathtub

By Alexis Bell 1:05 PM November 15, 2017
Helen and Joseph Gionfriddo

A woman became angry with her husband for leaving his dirty underwear in their bathtub, according to police in Ohio.

Austintown police said that the couple found themselves locked up behind bars after admitting to punching and shoving each other.

86-year-old Helen Gionfriddo and 69-year-old Joseph Gionfriddo were charged with domestic violence.

According to the police investigation, the incident unfolded on Friday, at the couple’s home located on S. Edgehill Avenue.

Helen called the police to report that she was tired of her life.

Police officers who arrived at the scene noticed injuries on both the husband and wife.

Helen admitted to police that she punched Joseph in the face because he purposely left his dirty underpants in the bathtub to make her angry.

She also complained that Joseph has a girlfriend who works at a nearby gas station.

After being punched in the face, Joseph grabbed a pair of jeans and used it to choke Helen.

Police noticed redness on Helen’s chest and a cut on Joseph’s face.