9 men undress 16-year-old girl and parade her around naked because her brother slept with their family member

By William Martin 4:22 PM November 2, 2017
Muslim girl (illustration)

A girl was humiliated by a group of men who wanted to take revenge of her brother who slept with their family member.

Now, police in Pakistan said that that they have arrested 8 men and are looking for the main suspect identified as Sajawal, who is on the run.

The arrests came after the men kidnapped a 16-year-old girl on her way home.

The men forcefully removed the girl’s clothes and paraded her around naked in the village of Dera Ismail Khan for one hour as revenge against her brother.

Witnesses who heard the girl screaming for help said they were scared to intervene.

When she was finally released, the teen’s family filed a complaint with police, but they claim officers refused to take action.

After repeatedly going to the police station and demanding that something should be done, 8 of the 9 men were finally apprehended.

The men reportedly believed that they were defending their family’s honor by taking revenge on the teen’s brother, who was identified as Sajjad, for getting involved in a relationship with their family member.

The brother did not deny sleeping with the girl, but a village council had already punished him for his actions.

After the incident came to light, Sajjad was ordered to pay the family $1,400 to resolve the matter.

However, despite taking the money, they decided to humiliate Sajjad’s family the way they believed he humiliated their family.