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Angry man throws girlfriend’s dog in front of speeding vehicles

By William Martin 6:39 AM November 16, 2017
Bryan Keith Thompson

A man was arrested for causing a dog to suffer after throwing it into traffic in a fit of rage.

Police were called to a home in Phoenix, Arizona, on a report of a traffic accident.

A truck driver told police that he was traveling at about 40 miles per hour when he saw a man throwing the dog into the street.

He immediately stopped and got out of his truck to check on the dog.

He then realized that it was dead.

Police arrested the suspect, 41-year-old Bryan Keith Thompson,
after officers learned that he was standing on the sidewalk near 7th Avenue and Broadway Road, where he was having an argument with his girlfriend.

Police said that at some point during the argument, Thompson grabbed the black and white dog and threw it into the busy street.

Thompson confessed to the crime and he was arrested on one count each of animal cruelty, endangerment, and criminal damage.