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Animal abuser kills cat by strapping firecrackers to its body and igniting them

By Alexis Bell 1:33 PM November 14, 2017
Abused cat (illustration)

A cat suffered a horrible death after an animal abused tied firecrackers to it and set them off, according to police in the United Kingdom.

Derbyshire police said that they are looking to arrest those behind the horrific animal cruelty incident, which killed the cat.

32-year-old Sam Copeland-Whelan of Benson Street said that her brother called her, saying that he found the cat with serious injuries.

Copeland-Whelan has 6 cats in her home, and her brother, who has 4 cats, warned her to keep the pets inside because somebody is deliberately killing wandering cats.

Copeland-Whelan went outside and saw that the cat was still alive.

There were two burned rocket firecrackers still attached to its body.

The cat’s fur was gone and one of its legs was ripped off.

Copeland-Whelan called a vet to the scene, but by the time help arrived, the cat was already dead.

Police urged anyone with information about the vicious attack that occurred on Saturday afternoon to come forward.