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Armed 20-year-old man killed by his father during an argument

By Tanya Clark 7:12 AM November 30, 2017
Mario Ford, Sr

Police in Tennessee were called to a home after a father and son armed themselves with guns during an argument.

Nashville Metro Police Department officials responded to a shooting in the 600 block of Malta Drive.

According to the police, a father, identified as 42-year-old Mario Ford, Sr., and his son, 20-year-old Mario Ford, Jr., got into an argument at 9:30 a.m., on Sunday.

Authorities said that both men armed themselves with guns before the father shot his son. The father claimed that he acted in self-defense when he shot his son in the neck.

Ford, Jr. was rushed to the hospital, where he died while his father was arrested.

Neighbors said that police were called to the family’s home several times during the past year.

Reports indicated that the argument was over Ford, Jr.’s living arrangements.

Ford, Sr. told his son that he had to move out of their home, but he refused.

So far, Ford, Sr. who has prior felony convictions for aggravated assault, was arrested and charged with unlawful gun possession by a convicted felon.

Police are still investigating the incident to determine if murder charges should be filed.