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Assistant district attorney cries as she apologizes for verbally abusing Uber driver

By William Martin 4:40 AM November 15, 2017
Jody Warner

An assistant district attorney in Texas was fired after she was recorded verbally abusing an Uber driver.

Uber driver Shaun Platt, 26, said that he picked up assistant DA Jody Warner, 32, at Capitol Pub of Old East Dallas, on Friday night.

He followed the GPS to her requested location. As some point during the trip, Platt said that Warner became angry about the route he was taking.

Platt decided to record Warner as she was intoxicated and was using obscene language towards him.

When Platt had enough of the abuse, he stopped his vehicle and ordered Warner to get out, but she refused.

Platt called the police while Warner continued to abuse him.

She informed the driver that she was an assistant district attorney.

She added that she will call the police to “f***k him up” and that he can face felony kidnapping for not taking her home.

When police arrived, they took Warner to her home and the Uber driver continued picking up other passengers.

After the audio recording was uploaded to social media,
Dallas County District Attorney Faith Johnson ordered an investigation into the incident and the foul-mouthed district attorney was fired.

No criminal charges have been filed against her.
Warner made a tearful apology to the driver and to the community.

However, she added that there was more to the story than what was heard in the audio.

She claimed that she was uncomfortable when the driver did not follow his GPS directions and took a route that was unknown to her.

Warner admitted that she never felt she was in danger of being sexually abused but she said that since she has prosecuted sexual offenders for two years, she “looks at everyone a little differently.”