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Boyfriend kills pregnant girlfriend with fire extinguisher after learning unborn child was his

By Mason White 1:02 PM November 19, 2017
Born Smith

A man flew into a rage when he learned that his girlfriend was having his baby, according to police in Rhode Island.

Providence police said that they have arrested 31-year-old Born Smith after being accused of using a fire extinguisher to beat 32-year-old Aliss Collins to death.

Smith pleaded guilty to first-degree murder and first-degree arson.

Superior Court Justice Sarah Taft-Carter sentenced Smith to two life sentences.

Smith will become eligible for parole only after serving 25 years.

According to the police investigation, Smith and Collins were together for several months when she became pregnant.

When Collins was 8 and a half months pregnant, Smith found out that he was the father of her unborn child she named Alexander.

Smith confronted his girlfriend and an argument broke out.

Smith grabbed a fire extinguisher and beat Collins until she fell to the ground unconscious.

He then set Collins and her Marcy Street apartment on fire.

Neighbors called 911 after seeing smoke coming out of Collins’ apartment.

They also saw Smith running away from the scene.

Collins was rushed to the Rhode Island Hospital, where she and Alexander were pronounced dead.

Collins died of blunt force trauma and smoke inhalation.

DNA confirmed that Smith was Alexander’s father.