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British teacher orders children to write letters to parents about converting to Islam

By William Martin 6:36 AM November 10, 2017
The assignment (insert)

A man said that he did not allow his stepdaughter to finish her homework that required her to write a letter to her family about converting to Islam.

43-year-old Mark McLachlan, of Houghton-le-Spring, England, said that he knew the national curriculum included teaching children about all religions.

However, he believes that the teacher has taken things too far by demanding that 12-year-old students at the Kepier School write letters about why they were converting to Islam.

McLachlan has no problem with his stepdaughter learning about the history of different religions, but he does not want the school to ask children to look for reasons to convert to another religion.

McLachlan spoke to school officials who showed him test exams that have questions about Islam, Christianity, and Hinduism.

McLachlan took a photo of the assignment and posted it on Facebook.

One person wrote in the comments that McLachlan can remove the child from attending the religious classes.

“There is a standard letter explaining that you wish your child to be removed from religious education, which is backed by the education act,” someone wrote on Facebook.