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British tourist arrested in Dubai for making rude gesture of flipping off another driver

By Emily Lewis 8:01 AM November 7, 2017
Jamil Ahmed Mukadam

A man from the United Kingdom was arrested at an airport in the United Arab Emirates after he was accused of flipping off another driver.

23-year-old Jamil Ahmed Mukadam of Leicester, who works as an IT expert for the local government, went to Dubai for a vacation along with his wife.

Mukadam said that as he went through passport control in Dubai, a scanner started beeping loudly.

“Within seconds, I was surrounded by police and taken off to jail,” he said.

Mukadam learned that he was wanted for making a rude gesture to another driver the last time he visited the county.

Mukadam admitted that he was driving a rented car when another driver was tailgating him so he flipped him off.

He was detained in Dubai for 5 weeks before he was allowed to leave.

Mukadam said that flipping off others happens in England all the time. “You don’t go to jail for it,” he said.

When he returned to his job at the government office, Mukadam was informed by his bosses that Dubai officials have placed his name on the Interpol list of wanted people.

Due to the nature of his security sensitive job, the government has suspended Mukadam from the department.

He was given a chance to appeal the decision and have his name removed from the wanted list. If he is not successful in getting his name removed from the Interpol list, he will lose his job permanently.