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British woman arrested in Dubai after taking selfies with sleeping man

By Emily Lewis 7:10 AM November 30, 2017
Asa Hutchinson

A couple in the United Kingdom is desperately trying to get assault and theft charges against their daughter dropped.

21-year-old Asa Hutchinson from Essex, who works for a transportation company in the United Arab Emirates, was arrested while spending time with friends who came for a vacation in Dubai.

Hutchinson said that the group went to a restaurant in the International Financial Centre district when they spotted a man sleeping on a sofa.

The group stopped to take selfies with the sleeping man. When the man, a Swedish tech executive, heard the commotion around him, he woke up.

Seeing the group taking selfies with him, the tourist allegedly punched some of the men in Hutchinson’s group. The businessman, in his 50s, called police as the group left the area.

Officers got the group’s information from the restaurant’s reservation list and they were called into a police station.

Police allege that at some point during the altercation, Hutchinson stole the man’s eyeglasses and placed them in a bin.

The group had their passports confiscated. According to Hutchinson, her friends were later freed after paying a fine and they flew home.

However, the charges against her were not dropped and she faces prison time.

Hutchinson claimed that she was not with her friends when she took the selfie. She added that when she saw the altercation taking place, she came towards the group and that is when she spotted the man’s glasses on the floor.

Lucie Harrison said that her daughter only picked up the glasses from the floor so that no one steps on it. She also believes that her daughter took the fall for her friends because she lives in the country while they were tourists.

Hutchinson said that she told police that she was not involved in the incident and she did not have bad intentions when placing the glasses in the bin “but they don’t want to hear it.”

Hutchinson was charged with assault and theft. Her family is working to clear her name, saying she was only trying to help.