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Brother of Nicki Minaj repeatedly raped 11-year-old stepdaughter

By Alexis Bell 8:10 AM November 10, 2017
Nicki Minaj and Jelani Maraj

The brother of singer Nicki Minaj is facing many years behind bars after being convicted of raping his own stepdaughter, according to police in New York.

Mineola police said that they have arrested 38-year-old Jelani Maraj after being accused of repeatedly raping his 11-year-old stepdaughter.

Maraj was convicted of predatory sexual assault at the Nassau County Court.

He now faces up to life in prison.

According to the police investigation, Maraj is the brother of famous rapper Nicki Minaj, 34.

Just four months after Maraj got married, he began sexually abusing his wife’s 11-year-old daughter in their Long Island home.

The girl testified that Maraj would have sex with her up to twice a day whenever her mother was at work.

The girl’s brother testified that he once walked into his sister’s room and saw Maraj having sex with her.

The siblings testified that Maraj warned them to be quiet.

Prosecutors told the court that Maraj’s DNA was found it he girls clothes.

Maraj denied all the allegations and said that his former wife planted the DNA evidence on her daughter in order to extort $25 million from Minaj.