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Burglar rapes his married male accomplice as payback for bungling robbery

By Mason White 12:50 PM November 13, 2017
Sad man (illustration)

A married man was shocked when his best friend and partner in crime raped him for bungling a robbery, according to police New Zealand.

Hastings police said that they have arrested 47-year-old Alister Reid after being accused of raping his accomplice on the night of their failed robbery.

Reid has been found guilty of sexual violation at the Napier District Court.

Reid denied the allegations, saying that the victim made up to story in order to send him to jail and avoid paying a drug debt.

According to the police investigation, Reid lived with the married victim, the victim’s wife, and kids.

One night, Reid and the victim broke into a house and hoped to steal a cash and valuables.

However, the homeowner woke up and held the door shut.

Reid and his accomplice then fled the scene.

Reid blamed his accomplice for bungling the robbery.

Reid drove to a secluded area, where he tried to force the victim to perform a sex act.

When the married man expressed his surprise at the request, Reid told him it was payback for botching the robbery.

Reid then took the victim home.

Ried and the victim then used meth.

The victim went to the shower, and when he came out, Reid forced him into bed and raped him.

The victim did not tell anyone about the attack because he felt ashamed and weak for letting it happen.

After two years, the victim reported the attack to police after Reid threatened him by saying “you know what I could do to you.”