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Bus driver swallows hundreds of coins given to him by passengers

By William Martin 11:29 AM November 27, 2017
Coins (illustration)

A bus driver was rushed to a hospital after swallowing hundreds of coins that were given to him by passengers, according to doctors in India.

35-year-old Maksud Khan of Madhya Pradesh suffered severe stomach pain for three months before being taken to the hospital.

Doctors at the Sanjay Gandhi Hospital took X-rays of his intestines and noticed hundreds of metal objects, including coins, nails, razor blades, and chains.

Khan’s mother and other family members told doctors that they did not know about his strange metal eating habit.

Three months ago, Khan developed stomach pain.

The pain kept getting stronger until he was forced to seek medical help.

Khan told doctors that he began swallowing metal objects because he suffered from depression.

Doctor Priyank Sharma led a team of surgeons who removed all the metal items from Khan’s stomach.

In total, doctors removed 263 coins and 100 nails among other items.

Sharma said that his patient was fortunate to have survived as some nails have already perforated Khan’s stomach, causing internal bleeding.

Khan is expected to make a full recovery.

He promised his family that he will never swallow any coins or metal objects.