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Bus passenger punches out woman’s teeth for trying to stop sexual assault

By Mason White 1:17 PM November 8, 2017
Aisha Walker and her broken teeth

A woman was viciously assaulted after she tried to stop a man from sexually assaulting a woman on a bus, according to police in Canada.

Winnipeg police said that they are looking to arrest the suspect on a charge of assault after being accused of punching out the woman’s teeth.

The incident unfolded on Saturday evening as Aisha Walker was traveling on City of Winnipeg bus number 11.

When walker noticed a man making unwanted sexual advances towards another woman, she stepped in to intervene.

That is when another man took offense that Walker intervened, and he punched her in the face with all his strength.

As a result, Walker suffered two broken teeth, 6 chipped teeth, and a black eye.

Walker said that her teeth hurt as a nerve became exposed as a result of the attack.

She is calling on officials to increase security on public buses.

So far, no arrests have been made.

Walker shared her story on GoFundMe, where she is seeking to raise money to cover dental work.

“Yesterday night, at around 7:00 PM, I got on the number 11 bus at Polo Park.

“Shortly afterward, an intoxicated homeless man got on the same bus and began aggressively sexually harassing a young woman.

“After about 10 minutes of this, I got out of my seat and positioned myself in between these two people so that the man could no longer speak to her.

“He was upset that I did this, and we began getting into a verbal argument.

“At this point, a third person, a man who had been uninvolved up until this point, said that both myself and the intoxicated man were being unnecessarily stupid and that both of us need to sit down and shut up.

“Genuinely curious, I asked this man how my defending a woman who no one else would is stupid.

“Things escalated very quickly with him shouting that he doesn’t give a f**k and how he’ll happily step off the bus with me to deal with this.

“I then asked what that would prove, what he would be trying to accomplish by fighting me.

“This was clearly the wrong question to ask, as he then punched me once directly in the mouth at full force.

“He immediately got off the bus, and I reported the incident to the bus driver.

“The bus driver cleared the bus, took down my information, and told me to call the police so they could work together to try and find the man who hit me.

“I have several shattered teeth.

“To be specific, 3 of my top front teeth and 4 of my bottom front teeth are chipped.

“3 of these chipped teeth have visibly exposed nerves or roots or whatever.

“It literally hurts to breathe. I also have a black eye.”