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Couple forces two children to join them while having sex

By Emily Lewis 6:08 AM November 5, 2017
Chelsea Diaz and Howard Sturgis

Two children were taken into custody by child services after police discovered that they were being sexually abused.

The abuse came to light after one of the victims told a teacher about her sexual encounters that occurred over a period of 2 years.

Police arrested 30-year-old Chelsea Diaz and her boyfriend Howard Sturgis, 56.

In court, Diaz pleaded guilty to continuous sexual abuse of a child. She was sentenced to 25 years in prison and she must register as a sex offender.

According to court records, the children told police that Diaz sprayed a liquid on a rag and gave it to them to smell before forcing them to engage in sexual activities with her and her boyfriend.

During one incident, police said that Diaz made the children dig around for something from inside Sturgis body.

During a search of the home, police said officers found the bottle that contained the liquid under the couple’s bed and they were arrested.

According to court records, the couple admitted to this incident but they denied that it was for sexual gratification.

Sturgis allegedly said that the children were asked to help locate an object that had become stuck inside of his body.

Sturgis is currently on trial. Two more victims reportedly came forward after his arrested and told police they were sexually abused by him for years when they were children.