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Couple gets married at U.S.-Mexican border as patrol agents open gates for their 3-minute wedding

By Mason White 9:09 AM November 22, 2017
Evelia Reyes and Brian Houston

A bride arrived at the U.S.-Mexican border dressed in a stunning white gown as her American husband approached her in a wedding suit.

The couple was able to exchange vows and wedding rings during a 3-minute wedding ceremony when agents opened the doors at the Playas de Tijuana border crossing.

Evelia Reyes from Mexico married Brian Houston of San Diego, California, and signed documents that made them husband and wife.

Houston said that love has no borders. “Even though we are divided by a giant fence here, we can still love each other on both sides of the fence,” he said. The couple communicates by talking on the phone every day.

Reyes’ young daughter was also present at the short wedding. She was also dressed in a white long dress. The girl embraced Houston and hugged him tightly as he held her in his arms.

Houston said that his wife is unable to come to the United States because she does not have a visa. He hopes that she will get one soon so that they can reunite and live as a happily married couple.

Houston said that they could not hold the wedding in her home state as he is unable to go to Mexico. He did not disclose the reason for that.

The wedding took place during an annual event known as “Opening the Door for Hope.”

This was the sixth time that the event took place.

During the event, border patrol agents open the gate for one hour and allow a select number of families from Mexico to meet family members from the United States for an emotional 3-minute reunion.

Evelia Reyes and Brian Houston used their reunion to get married.