Couple kidnapped man and woman before stealing their newborn baby and raising him as their own son

By Mason White 5:02 PM November 1, 2017
Willett Sr. (L) Gary (C) and Goldrick
Willett Sr. (L) Gary (C) and Goldrick
By: Tanya Clark

A husband and wife kidnapped a homeless man and woman and kept them locked up in their home, according to police in Canada.

Toronto police said that they have arrested Gary Willett Sr. and his wife, Maria Willett, after being accused of kidnapping Tim Goldrick and Barbara Bennett.

Willett and his wife Maria have been charged with forcible confinement, assault, theft over $5,000 and abduction of a child.

According to the police investigation, the case began in 1985 when Willett found Goldrick and Bennett looking for food in a dumpster.

Willett invited the couple to live with them.

When Bennett went to the hospital to give birth to her son Gary Willett Jr., Willett Sr. and his wife Maria went along.

Maria gave Bennett her insurance card and she filled out the birth certificate for the baby.

The suspects managed to forge the information on the birth certificate and told their family and friends that Gary Willett Jr. was their child.

When the victims went back to the suspects’ home with their newborn baby, Willett Sr. and Maria began abusing them.

Bennett eventually fled from the home after giving birth to a girl.

Goldrick remained a prisoner for the following 20 years.

Willett Sr. and Maria severely abused Goldrick.

The suspect beat him numerous times until he was covered in blood.

The suspects stole his government disability checks and they told Gary Jr. that Gary Sr. was his father and Goldrick was just a guy who lived in their basement.

Eventually, Goldrick managed to escape.

Gary Jr. cut off all ties with the suspects after being told that Goldrick was his real father.

A DNA test confirmed that Goldrock was the father.

Gary Jr. now lives with Goldrick but wants nothing to do with his biological mother who abandoned him many years ago.