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Court officer chokes man who tried to pay $10 parking ticket with pennies

By Alexis Bell 12:03 PM November 30, 2017
Pennies (illustration)

A man was beaten up by a court officer after he tried to pay a parking fine with rolls of pennies, according to court documents in Michigan.

Attorney Jonathan Marco said that he will be representing 33-year-old Anthony Sevy in a lawsuit that was filed against the Royal Oak’s 44th District Court officers and the city of Royal Oak.

Marco claims that his client’s rights were violated and Marco continues to suffer psychologically because he was attacked in what was supposed to be a safe place.

The incident began when Sevy got a $10 parking ticket.

Sevy came to the Royal Oak’s 44th District Court to pay the fine.

When a clerk told him that there would be a $1.75 surcharge for paying with a credit card, Sevy left.

Sevy later came back with rolls of pennies to pay for his parking ticket.

The court officers were not happy and an argument broke out.

Sevy was told to leave by officers Philip Barach and Harold Marshall.

As Sevy was walking out the door, Barach began beating him.

Sevy was choked and tackled to the ground.

He then lost consciousness and defecated in his pants.

The Oakland County Sheriff’s Office investigated the incident and arrested Sevy.

Sevy was charged with assaulting or obstructing a police officer and disturbing the peace.

Sevy resolved his criminal case by pleading no contest to disturbing the peace.