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Daughter hires hitman to kill her father’s new girlfriend in order to reunite her parents

By Tanya Clark 7:55 AM November 24, 2017
Stephen Loughrey with Leanne Keaton (R) Tiffany and Leanne Loughrey

A daughter who was unhappy that her parents separated hired a hitman to kill her father’s new girlfriend so he can get back with her mother.

The man’s 22-year-old daughter Tiffany and her mother Leanne, 47, of New South Wales, Australia, came up with the plan to hire the hitman to kill her love rival.

The mother and daughter were arrested after they paid the hitman to carry out the murder.

The pair asked Leanne’s old friend, Chris McIlroy, to find someone to kill Stephen Loughrey for $300 and a pack of cigarettes.

Tiffany said that her father ran off with a woman and that she wanted him to get back with her mother. She said that “the only way that’s going to happen is if the other woman was gone.”

Her father Stephen was in a relationship with Leanne Keaton, who was an old school friend of his estranged wife.

Leanne blamed the new woman for breaking up her 22-year-old marriage.

McIlroy told the mother and daughter that he has a friend who was willing to carry out the plan and demanded the money up front.

He was handed the $300 and a pack of Winfield Red cigarettes.

The mother demanded the hitman bring her a ring given to the victim by Stephen as well as the victim’s phone as proof of the murder.

McIlroy left. He immediately told the intended victim’s son of the plans and police were called.

McIlroy told police he never intended to kill the woman, and that he did not have a hitman friend, but he decided to rip off the jealous mother and daughter by taking their money.

The Newcastle Local Court heard that this was not the first time that Leanna wanted to have a hitman kill her husband. She had tried to hire someone to kill him in exchange for $1,000 but she was unable to come up with that sum.

Leanne pleaded guilty to two counts of soliciting to murder and Tiffany pleaded guilty to one count of the same charge.

They will be sentenced on another date.