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Exploding prune juice bottle blows off fridge door and damages home

By Mason White 3:25 AM November 7, 2017
Exploded prune juice bottle

A husband and wife in Texas were surprised to find a mess in one of their bedrooms.

Terry Watkins of Corsicana said that his wife and pets were home when she heard a large explosion.

She walked into the bedroom, where she noticed that the fridge’s door blew off and prune juice was everywhere.

Watkins said that he and his wife have been shopping daily at their neighborhood Brookshire’s supermarket for several years.

Last month, Watkins bought a bottle of Brookshire’s prune juice, which is manufactured by Lassonde Pappas and Company of New Jersey.

The bottle of prune juice was placed inside a mini fridge in the bedroom where the couple’s dog Lucy and cat Kali, spend most of their time.

The bottle had been opened and about one cup of prune juice was consumed when it suddenly exploded.

The bottle was at least 80 percent full, and there was milk and pudding in the fridge when it exploded.

The explosion blew off the fridge door and scattered prune juice in the bedroom.

Watkins said that as a result, his bedroom carpet was ruined.

The couple’s dog was just 3 feet away from the fridge at the time of the explosion, but luckily, Lucy was not injured.

Watkins tried cleaning the bedroom carpet, but it remained stained from the prune juice and it needs to be replaced.

Watkins filed a complaint with Brookshire’s and they offered him a free bottle of prune juice.

He rejected the offer because he did not want another “bomb” in his house, Watkins said.

“At first, Brookshire’s promised that their insurance company will contact me, but later, they claimed no responsibility and put all the blame on the makers of the juice,” Watkins said.

Lassonde Pappas and Company offered Watkins $250 in compensation, but he believes that this amount won’t cover the damages to his home.