Famous rapper live streams himself urinating in toilet on Instagram Live while fans watched

By William Martin 5:36 PM November 2, 2017
Rapper Emtee

A famous rapper in South Africa, was left embarrassed after urinating in front of many fans who were watching him on Instagram Live.

Rapper Emtee, who is also known as Mthembeni Ndevu, recently went on Instagram Live to have a chat with his fans.

While answering questions from his fans on Monday, Emtee had to use the toilet.

Emtee remained live on Instagram when he walked into the toilet and urinated into the bowl.

He held the phone with the same hand he used to aim into the toilet.

His fans then watched as Emtee urinated and flushed the toilet.

After leaving the bathroom, Emtee realized that he just live streamed himself urinating in the toilet.

The video quickly went viral, and people began recording themselves urinating in toilet as part of the #emteechallenge.

Emtee said that the positive thing about the mishap is that he will become more popular.