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Father of 11 children killed when he tried to stop thieves from stealing his 8-year-old son’s sneakers

By Tanya Clark 9:20 AM November 22, 2017
Nasiar Day (L) and Jose "Migue" Malave

A father of 11 children was killed while he was protecting his young son from being robbed by two thugs.

Police arrested two teens after they fatally stabbed the New Jersey man in front of his girlfriend and 4 of their children while he was trying to defend his 8-year-old son from being robbed, according to relatives.

Detectives arrested 19-year-old Nasiar Day of Newark and his 17-year-old accomplice, who was not named due to his age, after being accused of killing 30-year-old Jose “Migue” Malave at the door of his apartment in Jersey City.

Day is facing charges of murder, armed burglary, possession of a weapon for unlawful purpose, and conspiracy to commit these crimes.

The 17-year-old boy is facing charges of felony murder, armed burglary, weapons offenses, and conspiracy.

Family members said that the two teens attacked Malave’s son earlier in the day. The teenagers later arrived at Malave’s house, thinking that he has other valuables at his home.

When Malave, who is a construction worker, defended his son from being robbed, an altercation took place and the father was stabbed to death.

The victim’s sister, Yesenia Malave, created a GoFundMe page to help the grieving family.

She wrote: “Our brother Migue was murdered leaving behind 11 children.

“It is a painful loss to our family and friends. It is a pain that we do not wish on anyone.

“It is greatly appreciated if you can make any donations to assist with our funeral arrangements and to help our brother’s children. Thank you for supporting and sharing our story in times of sadness and pain. God bless you all.”