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Father breaks leg of his 6-month-old daughter because she was crying while he was having sex with his girlfriend

By Alexis Bell 8:05 AM November 24, 2017
Crying baby (illustration)

A father slapped his daughter’s bottom because she cried while he was having sex with his girlfriend, according to police in New Zealand.

Police have arrested Roderick Matthews after being accused of pulling his 6-months-old daughter by the leg causing it to break.

Matthews pleaded guilty to causing grievous bodily harm.

Justice Cameron Mander sentenced Matthews to 1 year and 7 months in prison with 6 months credit for pleading guilty.

According to the police investigation, Matthews and his girlfriend were having sex while their 6-month-old daughter was sleeping next to them in bed.

At some point, the girl’s legs got caught under her father’s body.

When the girl began to cry, Matthews’ girlfriend suggested they stop having sex until the baby calms down.

That is when Matthews grabbed the girl’s leg and yanked her off the bed.

This caused the girl to cry even louder so Matthews slapped her bottom.

As a result, the girl suffered a broken leg.