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Father cuts off 13-year-old son’s penis and leaves him to die

By Tanya Clark 8:19 AM November 29, 2017
Ram Gopal Patel (circled) and Rajesh Yadav

A father in India was arrested for the brutal murder of his own son.

The boy’s mother called police after finding her son lying naked in a pool of blood with his penis hacked off in their home in Raipur.

Initially, the mother told police that black magic and superstition was behind the assault as recent suspicious incidents were taking place in her family.

However, after investigating the incident, police arrested Ram Gopal Patel, 39, the father of the victim, along with witch doctor Rajesh Yadav, in connection with the murder.

Residents of Amera village of Baloda Bazaar district were shocked to learn that the father hacked off his 13-year-old son’s private parts.

Police said that the mother of the teen, who was identified as Rupesh, was out in the fields while her husband and daughter were at home when the incident took place.

When the mother returned home, she called for help.

Ramgopal told police that the witch doctor told him to kill his son, claiming that all of his problems will be solved once he sacrifices his child, according to police.

The father and Yadav, who is a self-appointed witch doctor, were charged with the boy’s murder.