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Father dies while cutting tree after chainsaw slit his throat

By William Martin 4:08 AM November 15, 2017
Greg Bulbuc

A young father in the United Kingdom died in a freak accident while using a chainsaw to cut a tree.

Greg Bulbuc tragically died one week before celebrating his 32nd birthday.

Bulbuc, who is from Romania, moved to London 16-years-ago. He was a hardworking man who provided for his family and was a good father to his one-year-old son, according to family members.

Bulbuc was cutting a tree in someone’s backyard in Bermondsey when the chainsaw kicked back and slashed his throat.

The father was employed by Aralia Tree Services and he was on the job when the accident occurred. Bulbuc was left hanging from the safety cords that he was attached to.

His coworkers rushed up the ladder to bring him down.

The Southwark Coroner’s Court heard that emergency services made repeated attempts to resuscitate him, but he succumbed to his injuries.

Yesterday, Coroner Sarah Ormond-Walsh recorded the cause of death as hemorrhage, a severed left carotid artery and left jugular vein, and a deep neck wound.