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Father fatally shoots his 14-year-old gay son during an argument

By Alexis Bell 7:17 AM November 7, 2017
Wendell and Giovanni Melton

(Scroll down for video) Friends came out to mourn the loss of their friend who was killed by his own father.

The victim’s friends and his foster mother said that 53-year-old Wendell Melton of Henderson, Nevada, did not like the fact that his son, 14-year-old Giovanni, was gay.

According to the teen’s foster mom Sonia Jones, Melton had pulled a gun on his son previously when he found his male partner at the teen’s apartment.

Jones wrote on GoFundMe that Giovanni and his older brother Alexander were abandoned by their biological parents.

Their mother was out of the picture and their father was not there much either.

According to the arrest report, Melton rented an apartment for Giovanni because his son and his new wife did not get along.

Giovanni had lived alone in the rented apartment since March. His father came over the check on him occasionally.

On the day of the shooting, Melton was checking on Giovanni because the teen did not go to school that day. The pair began to argue. Giovanni pushed his father to the ground.

Melton told the police that he had a gun with him because he was afraid of some of the people with whom Giovanni hung out with.

Melton claimed that after getting up from the ground, he warned his son to stay away. However, Giovanni moved towards him in an attempt to attack him.

Melton says that his finger was on the trigger but that the shooting was an accident.

Police arrested Melton after his version of the events kept changing and evidence contradicted his statements. He also did not want to disclose from where he got the weapon.

Melton was booked into the Henderson Detention Center on charges of open murder, child abuse, and prohibited person possessing a firearm.