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Father hears his 5-year-old son’s skull crack open after getting stuck between table and wall at rotating restaurant

By Tanya Clark 1:06 PM November 19, 2017
Charlie Holt

The devastated parents of a 5-year-old boy who was crushed to death at a rotating restaurant filed a lawsuit, claiming that the current and former owners were negligent, according to police documents in Georgia.

Michael and Rebecca Holt of Charlotte, North Carolina, said that they visited the Sun Dial restaurant, which is located on the 72nd floor of the Westin Peachtree Plaza hotel in Atlanta, because it was advertised as a fun place for families with kids.

The restaurant rotates and allows diners to view the Atlanta skyline.

While they were eating their meal, their 5-year-old son Charlie wanted to use the restroom.

The parents accompanied Charlie to the bathroom but the boy got his head stuck between a table and a stationary wall.

Michael pushed his body between the table and the wall to save his son but his effort was unsuccessful.

Michael later said that he heard his son’s skull crack open before an employee shut down the rotation.

Charlie was rushed to the Grady Memorial Hospital, where he died.

The lawsuit named Marriott, the current owner of the hotel.

The lawsuit is also seeking damages from former owners and operators, and the architects, interior designer, and contractor.

Marriot shut down the rotation at the restaurant following the incident and it was reopened once they made sure it was safe for kids.