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Father left 2 young children in car while spending time at strip club

By Alexis Bell 6:40 AM November 21, 2017
Willie Jordan Jr.

A father in Florida was arrested while dancing at a strip club after his two young sons were found in a car that was parked outside the venue.

Concerned citizens called police after hearing an infant crying in the car and an older boy lying upside down “with his head where his legs should be,” according to the strip club’s general manager Christopher Mays.

The good Samaritans managed to get the 3-year-old boy to unlock the car door so that they can rescue him and his 3-month-old brother.

Police in Fort Myers have arrested Willie Jordan Jr. at the Scarlett’s strip club. The father claimed that he was inside the strip club for just two minutes.

However, Mays said that Jordan was at the establishment for at least 30 minutes.

Jordan is facing charges of child neglect.

Mays said that he does not believe that this was the first time the father left his kids alone in the car because his 3-year-old son was playing quietly while waiting for him to return.

He seemed comfortable being left alone.

The Department of Children and Families was contacted and is conducting an investigation.