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Father living in senior citizen facility pimps his grown-up foster children for sex

By Emily Lewis 1:17 PM November 23, 2017
Randy Lambach (R) and Joseph Van Wert

A foster father and his friend were arrested for running a prostitution ring out of a senior living facility.

According to police in Massachusetts, the two men preyed on vulnerable drug-addicted women and pimped them out for sex.

The men charged $80 for 30 minutes or between $160 and $200 for an hour, but they mostly paid the women with drugs.

Pittsfield police allege that some of the women who 45-year-old foster father Randy Lambach pimped used to live with him as his foster children.

Lambach worked with his accomplice, 65-year-old Joseph Van Wert, who also lived at the senior living apartment complex.

The two men took photos of the women and posted ads, advertising their services on adult websites.

Lambach then transported the women to the prearranged locations and he waited until they were done. He took the money from the women.

He sometimes gave the women some money, but police said the two mostly gave them heroin or cocaine for their services.

When the women were questioned over their illegal activities, they did not want to tell police who was pimping them out.

Police eventually received a tip with the license plate number of the vehicle that was used to transport the women. The vehicle belonged to Lambach.

Lambach was charged with four counts of human trafficking while Van Wert was charged with conspiracy to commit human trafficking, deriving support from prostitution, maintaining a house of prostitution, and sexual conduct for a fee.

Both suspects are being held without bail.