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Father returning to Scotland after visiting his newborn baby in India gropes female plane passenger

By Emily Lewis 4:31 AM November 26, 2017
Saranjeet Bassi

A man was ordered to register as a sex offender for groping a mother on an airplane.

29-year-old Saranjeet Bassi was on his way home to Scotland after visiting his newborn baby in India when he sexually assaulted a mother who was traveling with her two young children.

The woman told the court that she was traveling on Qatar Airways flight to Heathrow Airport in London when the man, who was sitting behind her, groped her.

The woman said that Bassi leaned through the gap from the seat and placed his hand on her breasts. The woman was not injured but she felt “sick and violated.”

The woman immediately got up and confronted Bassi, who was drunk, and she asked a flight attended to change his seat.

However, Bassi refused to move. He later told police that moving a seat would have been an admission of wrongdoing.

Bassi, a father of two children, was arrested as soon as the plane landed.

He was now found guilty of sexually assault.

This is not the first time Bassi was charged with sexually harassing women.

The Isleworth Crown Court heard that in 2014, Bassi was convicted of exposing himself after he was caught pleasuring himself in front of two women.

Despite his history, a judge handed Bassi a lenient sentence with no prison time.

The court heard that Bassi had a difficult childhood and he turned to alcohol after his mother, Gurmit, 52, was found guilty of murdering her estranged husband’s new girlfriend, who was pregnant.

Bassi was placed in psychiatric wards and he was in foster care homes as a child during which time he was bullied.

Bassi was ordered to sign the sex offenders register for five years. He was given a 2-year community order, he must perform 200 hours community service and pay £1,000 ($1,330) in court costs.

In addition, he must attend an alcohol treatment program.