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Father slit throat of 2-year-old daughter while wife was at police station to report domestic violence

By Emily Lewis 1:54 PM November 7, 2017
Sohail A

A mother and police officers were shocked to find a young girl who had died from a slit throat, according to police in Germany.

Police in Spain said that they have arrested 33-year-old Sohail A after being accused of killing 2-year-old Aeyesha at their home in Hamburg.

Sohail fled from Germany and was caught in Spain following an Interpol arrest warrant.

According to the police investigation, Sohail was born in Pakistan.

Sohail left Pakistan and arrived in Germany 6 years ago.

He filed for asylum but his application was denied.

A judge ordered Sohail to leave Germany but he remained in the country.

He got married to Lubna and they had Aeyesha 2 years ago.

Lubna suffered physical abuse in the marriage and she filed several police reports against her husband.

On Monday, Lubna left Aeyesha at home with Sohail and when to a police station to report that she was attacked by her husband.

Sohail grabbed a knife and slit his daughter’s throat.

He then fled the home and went to Spain.

By the time Hamburg police and Lubna returned to the home, they found Aeyesha dead on the floor.

On Sunday, police located Sohail in San Sebastian and he was arrested.

Sohail will be extradited to Germany, where he will face a charge of murder.