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Father suffers severe burns after killing his two children and setting himself on fire

By Mason White 6:34 AM November 21, 2017
Endris Mohammed and his two children

A father in the United Kingdom will spend the rest of his life behind bars for the murder of his two children and attempted murder of his wife.

47-year-old Endris Mohammed from Birmingham, who worked as an Uber driver, tried to kill his entire family.

He was sentenced to life in prison and he must serve at least 33 years before being eligible for parole.

Mohammed was seen on video buying gas from a gas station and taking money out of a bank hours before he murdered his children.

Mohammed soaked rags with gasoline and placed them on his children’s faces while they slept causing them to suffer chemical burns and obstructed their airways.

He tried to cause a gas explosion in the family home by tampering with a gas pipe causing a gas leak at 3:30 a.m. before starting a fire near their front door.

His wife, 37-years-old Penil Teklehaimanot, was awakened by the smoke alarm and managed to run out of the home.

The children were pulled out of the house and were rushed to a hospital, where they were pronounced dead.

When he realized that his plot to blow up the house had failed, Mohammed drove 40 miles in his Uber taxi, which was rented from Enterprise, before setting his seat on fire in an attempt to commit suicide.

Passersby saw the car in flames at 4:00 a.m. and came to his rescue. Mohammed survived but he was left with serious burns on his head and face.

Mohammed admitted to killing his children but claimed diminished responsibility because he said that he was not in his right mind due to financial stress.

He denied the two counts of murder and one of attempted murder.

The judge accepted that Mohammed suffered from a depressive illness but denied his claim of diminished responsibility, saying that he was seen withdrawing money from an ATM hours earlier, which showed that he did not intend to take his own life.

Mohammed met his wife in 2006 in Kent after they arrived separately in Britain from Ethiopia as asylum seekers.