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Female Chase employee robs bank branch where she once worked

By William Martin 6:43 AM November 21, 2017
Latasha Gamble in disguise during the robbery

A Chase bank employee was arrested for robbing a bank where she had previously worked at.

Police arrested 24-year-old Latasha Gamble from Chicago, Illinois, for robbing the Chase Bank off N. Sheridan Road.

She got away a large sum of money.

According to police, Gamble walked into the bank before 10:00 a.m. and sat down on a chair for a few minutes before going to the teller and demanding cash while displaying a handgun.

Gamble was wearing a pink floral nightgown, a dark curly wig, black winter gloves, a tan winter coat, and dark lipstick.

She ordered the bank teller to go to the vault and get her some money. The suspect then grabbed the bank employee by the hair and forced the worker to enter the access code to the vault.

The armed robber allegedly threatened to shoot bank employees if they “look at her.”

The workers did as they were told and Gamble managed to steal nearly $126,000 before fleeing.

Employees at the bank told police that they were fairly certain that the armed robber was Gamble, their former co-worker.

Chase bank confirmed that Gamble was still employed at the bank. She used to work at the branch which she robbed.

She had been transferred to another branch several months prior to the armed robbery.

Gamble was arrested when she showed up for work. She initially denied being involved in the robbery. She claimed that she was with a relative before going to a dentist appointment when the robbery occurred.

However, during an interrogation, Gamble admitted to the crime, according to police. She is being held without bail.