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Firefighter arrested for starting fire at Walmart in order to shoplift

By Alexis Bell 5:37 AM November 27, 2017
Kenneth Gray

A man who spent his life fighting fires was arrested for setting a fire inside a Walmart in Florida.

West Palm Beach firefighter Kenneth Gray is accused of starting a fire inside a store and causing customers to panic as they ran for safety.

After setting the fire, Gray was seen on surveillance videos calmly walking out the store with a shopping cart full of merchandise that he did not pay for.

His wife, Amanda, then drove him home according, to police.

According to the arrest report, Gray started the fire inside the Walmart in an effort to distract the employees so that he can shoplift.

He was charged with first-degree arson and petty theft. At his first court appearance, a judge ordered Gray to stay 500 feet away from Walmart and have no contact with any Walmart store.

Gray was fired from the fire department.

This is not the first time Gray was in trouble with the law.

Court records reveal that about two months ago, Gray stole a power saw and a thermal imaging camera from a city fire rescue ambulance.

Officials said a video from a pawnshop captured Gray’s wife Amanda taking the power saw to the pawnshop.

When he was questioned by police, Gray admitted stealing the items from his former employer. He and his wife were arrested. That case of theft and robbery is still pending.