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Gay actor kills supermarket manager for fondling his girlfriend’s breasts

By Alexis Bell 11:19 AM November 28, 2017
Eugene Kiro Tejada

An actor who played a gay character in sexually explicit movies flew into a rage after a supermarket manager fondled his girlfriend, according to police in the Philippines.

San Mateo police said that they have arrested 29-year-old Eugene Kiro Tejada after being accused of killing 44-year-old Frenil Bautista.

Tejada is facing assault and murder charges.

According to the police investigation, Tejada appeared in several movies that contained sexual activity.

Recently, Tejada appeared in the movie “Kubli,” in which he played a man in a gay relationship.

On Wednesday, at around 6:30 p.m., Tejada and his girlfriend, May Jana Malilin, went to the Puregold supermarket, where Bautista worked as a manager.

At some point, Bautista approached Tejada’s girlfriend and fondled her breasts.

This angered Tejada and he flew into a rage.

Tejada began beating the married supermarket manager and fractured his skull.

Bautista was rushed to the Marikina Valley Medical Center, where he died on Friday.

Bautista’s family claimed that he had no intention of sexually assaulting Malilin.

They claimed that Bautista suffered from dizzy spells due to his high blood sugar levels and may have grabbed Malilin to stop himself from falling to the ground.

Tejada admitted to beating Bautista because he violated his girlfriend.