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Girls find dead cats in plastic bags while cleaning beach in Brooklyn

By Tanya Clark 12:46 PM November 13, 2017
Cats (illustration)

Several girls freaked out after making a gruesome discovery while cleaning a beach in Brooklyn, New York.

The girls were cleaning the beach in Gerritsen Creek when they found 7 dead cats.

Each cat was in a plastic bag.

Girls Scout leader Grace Scotto said that she believes the cats were part of the two missing kittens reported earlier in the month in Industry City.

Scotto said that an exterminator recently removed a large number of cats that were suffering from fleas.

The exterminator claimed that the cats were released in two Brooklyn parks, but Scotto believes those cats were called, placed in plastic bags, and dumped in the water.

Scotto called the police who opened an investigation of animal cruelty.

So far, no arrests have been made.

The dead cats were put near the trash the girls picked up on the beach.

The Sanitation Department later picked up the cats along with the trash.