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Government official kills himself after being fired over sexual abuse allegations

By Emily Lewis 7:09 AM November 8, 2017
Carl Sargeant

(Scroll down for video) A man of the United Kingdom was found dead in his home just days after he was fired from his job.

Welsh Labour Minister Carl Sargeant was found dead at his home in North Wales after being fired from his job because
several women reported that he sexually assaulted them.

An attorney said that Sargeant asked the party leaders to reveal the specifics of the allegations against him.

He denied sexually assaulting anyone and he wanted to know the nature of the crimes he was accused of committing.

The attorney added that Sargeant wrote to his bosses and informed them that the allegations were causing him to suffer “distress and anxiety over not knowing details of the claims against him.”

Just days later, the married father of two children was found dead in his home.

His death was ruled a suicide.