Grandmother scatters nude photos of son’s ex-girlfriend at school where the victim’s son is a student

By William Martin 9:33 AM November 3, 2017
Frances Bailey

(Scroll down for video) A student in Kentucky was humiliated after his schoolmates found naked photos of his mother scattered in an around his school.

Another student at the school was embarrassed after she was questioned over the incident before learning that her grandmother was the one who distributed the nude photos.

Police were called to the Pleasure Ridge Park High School in Louisville after students told school officials that they found nude photos of a woman.

The photos were quickly collected from the school’s front lawn and from inside a girl’s bathroom.

They soon arrested 60-year-old Frances Bailey.

Authorities said that Bailey waited at a side door, and when students were buzzed in, she followed them into the school.

She then scattered the nude photos of her son’s ex-girlfriend.

The victim, who once dated the suspect’s son, had previously filed a criminal complaint against Bailey and her son, 35-year-old Ronnie.

Ronnie said he hopes the allegations against his mother are not true as it would be a sex crime against children. He added that his mother may have gotten the nude photos of his ex-girlfriend from his phone.

Bailey was charged with distribution of obscene matter, criminal trespassing, and harassment.

She was booked into the Jefferson County Jail, where she was being held on $2,500 bond.