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Groom collapses during wedding prank after friends emptied 6 fire extinguishers in his face

By Tanya Clark 8:15 AM November 6, 2017
The groom

(Scroll down for video) Emergency workers were called to revive a groom in China.

The groom’s family watched in horror as he lied unconscious on the ground in a prank gone wrong.

The wedding prank occurred in Zhengzhou with dozens of friends watching the spectacle unfold before the wedding ceremony.

The prank began with friends tying the groom to a tree with just his underwear on. When he was freed, the men took 6 fire extinguishers and sprayed them in his face.

The groom was seen standing behind a cloud of white powder before falling to the ground. He was revived by medics.

His face was covered in the white powder and he was heard coughing after being treated by medical personnel.